Denny Weinberg, living in Spain/Belgium, EU

Levion Software – Single developer company focused on Android app development
Nature lover and supporter

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dennyweinberg/

Android Apps

With 5+ years experience in Android app development, I can help you bring your Android mobile application idea to life. From analyzing your idea to maintenance – I will be there for you every part. Together, we will achieve your business goals by developing an Android app that has the highest-quality code and is crash-free.


Native Android app development in Java/Kotlin, the fastest results method come to you. Thanks to the use of open source libraries and source code versioning, the app quality is always guaranteed.

Optionally I’m able to implement Ads and Analytics as well. It’s up to you to choose the complexity of your App!

Python dev

Development of complex python scripts/APIs/scraper/… based on my experience in my DevOps job. Feel free to get in touch!


Full Stack / Web Apps

I’m actively developing web apps using angular and python frameworks such as flask and gunicorn. They are available on all platforms as PWAs, which can also be installed via different Stores.

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