Photo Map and WebDAV (Nextcloud)

If you’re someone who takes a lot of photos, you know how frustrating it can be to try and keep track of them all. With so many different cloud storage options available, it can be overwhelming to figure out where to keep your photos. That’s where my Android app, Photo Map, comes in.

Photo Map is an app designed to help you keep your photos organized and easily accessible. It currently supports connections to Google Photos, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, and Photoprism. With these integrations, you can easily upload your photos to any of these cloud services directly from the app.

But we’re not stopping there. We’re currently exploring the possibility of adding a WebDAV integration for Nextcloud. This would allow users to connect to their Nextcloud account and upload their photos directly from Photo Map.

If you’re interested in helping us test this integration, we’re currently looking for beta testers. As a beta tester, you’ll have early access to the WebDAV integration and be able to provide feedback on how it’s working for you.

To become a beta tester, simply email us at and let us know you’re interested. We’ll add you to our beta testing list and keep you updated on when the integration is ready for testing.

We’re excited to continue improving Photo Map and providing users with more ways to keep their photos organized and accessible. With these integrations, you can easily upload your photos to your preferred cloud service and have peace of mind knowing your memories are safe and secure

Working remotely on Windows using a Mac

Working on Windows Machines using a Mac (Remote Desktop) can be annoying when being a power user/developer because the keyboard isn’t 100% compatible.

There are two main “issues”:
1. Your Mac keyboard has a “command” key, which is used for copy and pasting text for example, Windows on the other hand does that with the CTRL key.
2. Your mac keyboard layout might not be available on Windows, so special key usage can be frustrating.

The good thing is that there is always a solution for everything:

For the issue 1 I suggest using “Karabiner” to map some special command keys to ctrl keys. For example CTRL-C, CTRL-V and others.
I’ve developed my own “complex modification” configuration, feel free to use it. You can find it here. Instructions are in the comments.

For the issue 2 I developed my own Windows keyboard layout with a software from Microsoft itself called MS Keyboard Layout Creator. All keys are mapped exactly as they are present on the German Swiss layout I am using. Feel free to create your own, it’s really simple. You can find the layout and some instructions here.

If you use an external (windows like) keyboard, I have some more karabiner configurations ready to use. Feel free to contact me if you need them.

Android 11 and it’s new file access restrictions

Due to new rules regarding file access, especially write access, under Android 11, an important Photo Map update will be rolled out.

When trying to modify or delete photos in a certain folder, you need to grant write access to one of it’s parent folders before being able to do any modifications.

Please follow these instructions to grant write access:

Combining photo recognition and Spotify

I asked myself, couldn’t I develop something where we take a photo and start playing music related to what’s in the scene. The result is: Playlist for Spotify

The new App uses photo recognition (By Amazon “rekognition” oder Google “Vision AI”) to detect labels and the Spotify API to look for playlist suggestions. They are displayed in the app and can be played with one single click.


I’ve developed a backup script (py selenium) that downloads your media and stores the location and handles your albums

Hi guys, since Google doesn’t gives us a proper backup mechanism, I developed it by myself.

I’ve written a py script that does the following:

  • Download the item
  • Extract the albums in order to copy it into a specific folder(s)
  • Extract the location information in order to update the exif information
  • Checks if the item is a favorite in order to update the exif information (rating: 5 stars vs. 0)

You can get it here:

PhotoPrism is coming soon!

PhotoPrism is a server-based application for browsing, organizing and sharing your personal photo collection. It makes use of the latest technologies to automatically tag and find pictures without getting in your way.

Say goodbye to solutions that force you to upload your visual memories to the cloud!

Very soon, Photo Map will connect to PhotoPrism to provide a Mobile Photo Map feature for your own Server!