The rise of Photo Map for Google Photos

Photo Map for Google Photos is until now my most successfull App I ever published.

It gained a lot of attention because I’m the first and only one who successfully displays Google Photos on a World Map like Google Maps, just because of a small but intelligent trick (08/05/2019).

The problem about Google Photos is that their API doesn’t provide any geo location information. There is an open issue for that feaure request. So I did some reasearch and found out that there is a synchronization process that can be enabled in Google Drive that shows up all your photos inside your Google Drive. And Google Drive DOES provide me the geo location for all my photos! Awesome, no?

So I modified my already existing Photo Map App that loaded the local photos from your device, so Google Drive is the new data provider. And it worked!

Only “estimated” locations are not displayed. To find out more about that problem, please checkĀ this.

Chart Photo Map for Google PhotosEnd of March 2019 I got ~10k Downloads:

Mid of April 2019 I got another ~2k Downloads:

End of April 2019 I got ~500 Downloads by a german post:

In the beginning of Mai 2019 it has been promoted on Instagram @guidingtechhindi:

After the split of Google Photos and Google Drive in the beginning of JuneĀ 2019 my App got another Major boost by being mentioned on Italian and Russian websites.