Help – Last fallback method for Google Photos

As you know there are multiple possibilities to load the locations of your photos on Google Photos even if they don’t provide the location in their official API.

The common method is to you your location history. But what if you haven’t enable that feature because you don’t want to share your location history with Google?

There is a last chance: I wrote a js script that loops over all photos and copies the location information into the description:

That script can be executed on a desktop web browser. Photo Map for Google Photos will use that value prior to your Google Location History file and show your photo at the exact position on the map.

!!! CAUTION: Please only do that if you know what you’re doing !!!

Do not exaggerate! Do not let it run for a very long time!

Steps to follow to copy the location into the description (use at your own risk):

  1. Open a photo in google photos
  2. Click the circled “i” (Info) icon to open the side panel
  3. Press F12 in Google Chrome
  4. Click on the tab “Console”
  5. Paste the script below
  6. Make your browser window smaller (very small) in order to load only a very low res photo while the script loops
  7. Hit enter in the console to start the script (if not yet done)
  8. Let it run until it’s done
  9. Reload your browser window to stop the execution

Script :

Get it here.

Please enable Location History on your Google account when done (click here), so you can use it in the future when you’re changing your device as example.

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