Online Photo Map

You’re using PhotoPrism ® as photo service? You probably already know that PhotoPrism supports shared albums: A subset of your photos that is visible to any person without needing a login to access it (it’s public and accessible y an url). Read more here in the official PhotoPrism user guide.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could also share a map view with your friends? That’s what I archived with Online Photo Map: You can generate a link that displays your album photos on an interactive map!

The link generator is available here: Online Photo Map

Feel free to use the button “OPEN IN NEW TAB” to get a new tab and to copy the URL. Those can be used in iframes as well, so you can embed your personal map on any homepage!

How to try it out? PhotoPrism provides a Demo instance. Simply share an album and use the link to generate a map. View Demo Albums

You can visit a productive use case one (full screen). It’s an embedded (iframe) online map, connected to a shared PhotoPrism album.

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