Partner – Graine de vie

What is “Graine de vie”?

Graine de vie is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) created as an NPO under Belgian and Luxembourg law, which aims to compensate the ecological footprint of the inhabitants of our industrialized countries by planting trees in developing countries.
In order to ensure the monitoring and development of reforestation, we create a nursery in each of the planting sites and train local people to manage it. Through local authorities and schools, we are developing a program to raise public awareness of environmental protection. To achieve these objectives, all our members are committed to working on a voluntary basis to ensure that all funds entrusted to us are used directly and fully for the management of our nurseries and tree planting.
On the other hand, we pay the tree nurserymen and tree planting workers a salary and thus contribute to improving life of the people living in the reforestation areas.

Why Photo Map?

Photo Map for Organisations, developed by Levion Software, will be used by local authorities to upload (automatically date and location tagged) photos, in order to ensure monitoring and development of reforestation.

The organisation members will be able to view the photos on a map, using Photo Map, so they can track all changes by using a centalized, cloud based system.

An interactive map will be generated and published on their website on regulary basis, so visitors can track the progress as well.

The development happens on a voluntary basis.

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